We are specialists

We are specialists in developing and implementing advanced automation solutions within: control, regulation monitoring and data collection.

Customer-specific installation panels

Daniit has over 55 years of experience in designing and building project-based electrical and control panels for industries ranging from feeds and aquaculture to asphalt. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical panels, and our focus is on quality, functionality and security of delivery.
We manufacture and design customer-specific, flexible solutions for all types of electrical panels, motor control centres (MCC), machine control panels and PLC panels.
Our panels meet all relevant norms in accordance with applicable IEC/EN standards and UL approved UL508A.
We take care of the entire process from design, production, quality control, documentation and installation.

Kunde specifikke el tavler

The electrical panel is a key unit in all forms of processing installation, and its quality plays and important part for the operational security of the entire installation, but it can also be seen directly on the bottom line.

Project-based electrical panels are often regarded as being very complex and difficult to break down. At Daniit we recognise the importance in ongoing dialogue, and assist as advisors in the design phase from the very start of the project. Through this dialogue, we ensure that the design meets the required standards and functionality.

Top-quality electrical panels, built in our own workshop in Denmark.

At our main office in Sønderborg, we have brought construction, production, sales and project design together under one roof. At Daniit we work closely together across the organisation.

What do our customers say?

‘Many of our customers praise our (your) documentation as well as what you supply. Centrum Pæle, amongst others, mentions that it was easy to find things – contactors, etc. are labelled, PLC slaves are collected on one DIN rail, and much more’.

Jørgen Jensen, Elektroingeniør Skako Concrete A/S

Our services

Do you want to secure a stable and safe operation?

Our technicians will assist you with optimised maintenance, and secure easy access to spare parts.
In the event of breakdown, we can come out to you at short notice. Contact us today for a solution that mirrors your needs.

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