Daniit Online Quality System

Quality assurance of feed pellets

The Daniit Online Quality System (DOQS) has been developed for the purpose of testing the quality of pellets, i.e. using the so-called Pellet Durability Index (PDI), within the animal foods, pet foods and aquafeed industries, and measuring the level of softness in the process.

The Daniit Online Quality System (DOQS) can function as an independent unit. It can show and register data, as well as interact and communicate with other control systems.

These could be Daniit control systems or systems from other suppliers.

User interface – SCADA

Our SCADA system gives you overview and control of your production activity. Our SCADA system enables you to monitor and operate your machines and processing installations via an effective user face. It allows you to collect data which you can use for the quality assurance of your products.

Implement traceability of PDI
Optimal quality of operation
Homogeneous products for your market

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