TADS Temperature After Die System

Quality assurance of heat treatment of feed pellets

What is a PTM M23 ‘TAD’, and what does it do?
‘It keeps and documents the pellet temperature, and ensures only necessary use of energy.’

TADS - Temperature After Die System measurement

The purpose of a PTM M23 is to automatically measure the core temperatures of the finished product that comes out of a pellet presser.

The TAD measures a quantity of finished pellets that have been compressed to a mass.

When measurement is completed, the measured mass is either collected outside the presser or returned to the production flow in the presser.

If the temperature measured falls outside specified reference temperatures, an alarm sounds and a single action can be automatically carried out.

Measured temperatures are collated, and can be automatically included in the factory’s overall quality assurance and energy optimisation system.

  1. Automatic temperature measurement of compressed core
  2. Uniform measurements
  3. Optimal use of energy in the presser
  4. Ensures that no more energy is used than is absolutely necessary
  5. Minimises the risk of salmonella
  6. Data collection of temperature measurements
  7. Temperature measurements for BI
  8. Quality assurance
  9. Automatic documentation in compliance with regulatory requirements
Illustration kvalitetstester pille tester

Quality assurance of feed pellets

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