Dansk Industriel It

Daniit is a project-driven company that was founded in 1968 by Uwe Lorentzen and Tage Damm, Lodam Automation A/S.

In a successful management buy-out in 2005, the company was acquired by Brian Kristiansen, Henning Kongstad and Jens Meier.

The company was then rebranded in 2006 under the name Daniit, and got a new registered office in _. Daniit stands for ‘DANish Industrial IT’, on which our technologies are built.

In order to optimize potentials and continue to provide both existing and new customers with the necessary knowhow, knowledge, experience and capacity within control and optimization, two of the absolute leading suppliers in this segment have opted to join forces.

Daniit A/S merged with Norvidan A/S on 1 May 2017, with Daniit A/S as the continuing company.

I 2018 there was a restructuring of the ownership of Daniit A/S

It consists of Henning Kongstad, Jens Meier, Brygge Partners A/S and KEHA Invest Aps


We fully embrace our motto: