Feed spreder for recirculated Aquaculture systemsr

 In recent years Daniit has seen an increased focus on fish feeding systems for RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) facilities. This is not least because the facilities are becoming lager, but also because of the raw material prices for fish feed have been increasing. Together with RAS designers, several end-costumers and fish farmers Daniit have developed a feeding system that has focus on the weakness of the traditional fish feeding systems.


The focus areas have been minimization of feed waste during transport, distribution of feed in the fish tanks, accurate feed quantity data, and traceability of the fish stock. This ultimately reduces the load on water treatment and lower operating costs.

Smart Fish Feeder - PRO

 With the Daniit Fish Feeder the feeding process for the fish is optimized, either traditionally as a tube fish feeder or with our new Smart Fish feeder.

The Daniit Smart Fish Feeder can distribute the feed across the entire tank, covering the largest possible areas at once. The Feeder can be set in two positions

Smart Fish Feeder - Models

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