Feeding System

The Optimal Solution

Full efficiency of feed consumption not only helps to ensure good and healthy fish but also healthy for your business.
Daniit’s feed solution has a full focus on getting the feed, in full size, to the biomass, reducing “pollution” of water and getting the feed distributed to the entire biomass.
The Daniit feed solution is adapted to your needs and handles feed down to 0.2 mm.

What does a feeding solution consist of? ​


Daniit’s SCADA is built on the latest ISA 101 standard, where a ‘level’ split user interface always ensures an optimal overview and fast intuitive navigation. The SCADA solution’s design is based on feedback from interviews with users, and collaboration with experts in the area. Daniit’s standard SCADA solution gives you plenty of help along the way to controlling your production. If you require unique functions for your specific needs to be met, Daniit’s SCADA solution is flexible and can easily be implemented.


If your feed comes in “big bags”, in bulk and needs to be moved level, we design it into your feed system. We ensure the correct amount of feed reaches the right biomass. Typically, biomass contains:

  • Silos
  • Elevator
  • Big-bag stations
  • Weights
  • Weight elevators

Weighing & Transport

Delivery routes are individual from facility to facility. We tailor your solution so that the best possible performance is achieved. Typically, delivery routes include:

  • Towing stations
  • Valves
  • Idling protection


The last transport of the feed before it lands at the biomass takes place through complex feeders. Daniit’s solution takes into account optimal predistribution, minimum maintenance and that it is easily accessible under physically difficult conditions. Feeders typically contain:

  • Tube feeder and/spreader feeder
  • Self-cleaning
  • Reversing
  • Vario speed

Reduce costs

Optimizing feed and personnel resources

Greater efficiency

Improve growth and biomass in your fish production


Ensure traceability at all stages of production, processing and distribution from catch or harvest to retail sale

Minimize crumbling

Reduction of crumbling when transporting the fish feed

Our services

Do you want to secure a stable and safe operation?

Our technicians will assist you with optimised maintenance, and secure easy access to spare parts.
In the event of breakdown, we can come out to you at short notice. Contact us today for a solution that mirrors your needs.

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