Asphalt Control System

Minimise your downtime – choose suppliers who are specialists in process control for asphalt plants.

When your asphalt production is at a standstill, your finances are drained. It’s important, therefore, to choose an automation solution a supplier has thought through.

Daniit control is based on more than 55 years’ experience in development work in cooperation with customers.

Overview of the asphalting process

Daniit ACS (Asphalt Control System) puts the operator in the centre. The overview of the asphalting process is easily achieved via SCADA layout, which gives the operator direct access to all functions.

Daniit ACS (Asphalt Control System) enables you to make the operation of your asphalt plant more efficient through energy optimisation and recipe handling, including variable reuse.

Asfalt fabrik

Process control/Electrical panels

Daniit’s ACS asphalt process control includes advanced functions for precise asphalt production and all the functions that are needed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the National Road Administration.
Comprehensive and detailed documentation is supplied through long-term data logging, which is stored in reliable industrial SQL databases.

    • Complete process monitoring
    • Import of recipes from the laboratory
    • Processing of reused ‘GMA’ materials
    • Processing of ‘low temp. asphalt’ foamed bitumen
    • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Comprehensive batch reporting
  • Logging of events and alarms
  • Long-term registration of production data
  • Multiple user interface monitors
  • Remote login to online service and operation
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Daniit’s SCADA is built on the latest ISA 101 standard, where a ‘level’ split user interface always ensures an optimal overview and fast intuitive navigation. The SCADA solution’s design is based on feedback from interviews with users, and collaboration with experts in the area. Daniit’s standard SCADA solution gives you plenty of help along the way to controlling your production. If you require unique functions for your specific needs to be met, Daniit’s SCADA solution is flexible and can easily be implemented.

    • User administration
    • “Ealy warning”
    • Reporting
    • Alarms, notifications and events
  • Intuitive
  • Recipe management
  • Batch
  • Recipe management
  • Ect. 
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Preventive maintenance call-outs are a key parameter in the operation of your asphalt plant. Our technicians are specialists in the automation, process and control of asphalting works, and are happy to assist in securing your operations.

At Daniit we provide courses to existing customers on how to operate Daniit control, where there are opportunities for sparring with other operators.

In the event of breakdown and the need for an emergency call-out, we are ready to come out at short notice.

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