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Daniit Ikon foderstof

Control dosage solutions and data collection for feed factories

With an advanced automation solution from Daniit, you get a tailor-made system to meet all your needs. With our specialist knowledge of grain and feed, you will often have up to 10 per cent capacity on retrofit solutions. Our solutions are suitable for all production types in both new and existing production facilities.

Automatic feed and water treatment systems for aquaculture

With our AquaCulture Solution, you don’t just get the most from your feeds. You also reduce your production costs and the build-up of sludge in basins, so that the fish as well as your business enjoy the best conditions for growth. It lets you monitor the process, keep an eye on water quality, control water purification, track and store data, and adjust dosage.

Control dosage solutions and data collection for the asphalt industry

A solution from Daniit lets you maximise your addition of reuse, closely monitor production all the way, and ensure you don’t use unnecessary gas or bitumen in the process. The automated dosage system can handle different recipes to a high degree of accuracy, enabling you to achieve the correct mix every time - and document it.

Tailor-made electrical and control panels for all installations

At Daniit we develop project-based electrical panels for those whose focus is on quality, functionality and security of supply. We normally assist as advisors from the very start of the project, and then take care of the whole process, from design, production and quality control, to documentation and installation. Through close dialogue, we ensure that you are involved all the way, so we’re certain you get the solution you want.

Daniit becomes ‘part of Init’ "

Init was established in January 2022, and consists of ten companies operating within IT and automation. Our 470 employees work from 23 offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Serbia and Spain. On 30 March 2023, Daniit became part of Init.

All activities continue as before, but with even more skills and resources.

Daniit Smart Fish Feeder

Since 2018, Daniit has worked intensively with transport and feeding systems for fish feed.

During this time, we have observed that there are certain challenges in the existing systems with regard to crumb formation and broken pellets during transport and at the feeders themselves.

Therefore, together with several RAS breeders and especially Skagen Salmon, Daniit has gathered information about what in everyday life presents the most challenges to existing automatic feeders and transport facilities with regard to feed transport.

The conclusion is that it is very important that during the RAS design phase you take account of your feed transport system.

Often, these systems are only designed when the plant is built, and thus you are locked into guide ways. Solutions to avoid crumbles and broken pills are a whole chapter in themselves which we will not focus on now.The Daniit Smart Fish Feeder is one of the results of the collaboration we have had over the years. What makes Smart Fish Feeder unique.

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